1st Place images 2015-16

31 Aug 2017
Painting it Black and a paler shade of white

The response from club members to the setting up of this exhibition, in support of the Chester Civic Trust, has been very strong. 

More than 20 members have submitted a total of 73 prints, whilst additional people have added to more than 160 digital images. Furthermore, 20 individuals have turned up to construct and paint the frames that will be used to show our work. 

A team of six are already booked in the set up the display, at the Weslyan Centre at 9.30 onn Monday 11th September. Anyone else interested in helping could contact Mike Coe on 07932 143 181.

7 Jun 2017

Neath Photographic Salon

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Neath was the latest BPE salon to declare its results last night and Sue Champion was rewarded with three acceptances.

Two in the open colour section with 'Fourties Housewife' and 'Magnolia Still Life' and one in the creative section with 'Yellow Dasies'.

Well done Sue!

If you're interested in seeing the standard of what got in, then you can view the acceptances here.


8 Mar 2017

The results of the Basingstoke National were announced yesterday and two CPS members were rewarded with acceptances.

Sue Champion received 4 acceptances and Roger Evans 6.

The image shown is one of Sue's acceptances 'Fourties Housewife'. It also won the AD People competition this week!


30 Nov 2016


Congratulations must go to John Wild who took the brave step of venturing into the salon photography world by entering his first international salon. And John went for one of the biggest and best, The Smethwick International, which regularly attraches over 12000 entries.John had his beautiful shot of wild redpolls accepted into this prestigious exhibition.Well done John, but watch out, it's more addictive than Class A drugs (As Bob Dennis often tells us!)

John said that the online entry system made it so easy to enter, so no excuses for the rest of you, get some great images and get them into the salons.

2 Nov 2016

Fifteen clubs contested our annual print battle with Warrington PS coming out the worthy winners with images from Christine Willis, Gordon Mills, Dave Cowsill and Joan Blease, a montage of which is included.

The overall colour print winner went to Andrew Williams of Frodsham PS with ' Wensleydale Portrait'. The overall winner in the monochrome went to Ray Girling of Mid Cheshire CC with 'On Target'. Both authors receive engraved gold medals.

25 Oct 2016

The BPE circuit's latest salon to declare their results if Dingwall, North of Inverness. Sue Champion was rewarded with two acceptances for 'Yellow Daisies' and 'Magnolia Still Life'. (Shown right).

Roger received two HC awards for new images 'Sam Oldham battles the rings' and 'The Lift'.

If you are interested in seeing the full acceptance and awarded images then they provide an online gallery here.

26 Jul 2016

Well done to Keith Fitzpatrick who took a scarey step by entering his first nation exhibition and was rewarded not just by an aceptance, but with an award!

His pictorialy powerful image 'Alice Cooper Struts His Stuff' scooped a Certificate of Merit.

In the highly competitive atmosphere of salon photography it's difficult enough to get an acceptance never mind an award, so very well done to Keith.


26 Jul 2016

For longer than most members can remember, the Centurion pub near the United Reform Church has been a venue where Chester Photographic members can retreat after their Tuesday meeting, to review the judge's awards, or analyse the speaker's performance, or just put the world to rights. In January, the pub company closed the Centurion and applied to build a care home (perhaps mistakenly thinking that a Care Home was more fitting for CPS members than a pub?).


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