1.00 am Sunday February 2019 / Perch Rock Car Park, New Brighton

An informal walkabout for club members designed to take advantage of a high spring tide due on this day which should enable us to take great long exposure shots of various coastal structures including the lighthouse and coastal defences, 

There will be plenty of opportunity to practice using extreme neutral density filters to slow the shutter speed creating atmospheric water and cloud movement and graduated neutral density filters to balance the exposure between the land and sky.  To successfully achieve such effects  involves achieving accurate exposure using the manual setting of the camera along with making creative decisions about what aperture and depth of field to use.

We will meet at the car park on the corner by the lighthouse where there is plenty of free parking and have a briefing before moving out to catch the tide coming in around the lighthouse. After that we will move half a mile west to catch the tide as it floods around the coastal defences.  High water is at 11.20 after which things are not quite so dramatic but there is still plenty of opportunity to experiment with long exposures of the sky and the ebbing tide.. However feel free to depart once you’ve had your fill – it may be quite cold in February. 

Both locations are easily accessible but wellingtons will be required and you might want to pack spare socks and trousers just in case you get a wet foot.  There will be an opportunity to dip into one of the many cafes but you might decided to bring your own flask and snack. 

Cost: Free to club members

Maximum group size: 10

Event leader : Richard Barrett 

Clothing and equipment to bring / wear:

  • Wellingtons or walking boots
  • Wind / waterproof clothing
  • Gloves
  • Dry socks

Camera gear to bring:

  • Camera / lenses
  • Tripod
  • Cable release / remote control
  • Neutral density filters / graduated filters ( I can help one or two folk out with some 55mm, 58mm, 72mm and 77mm ND and graduated filters)
  • Lee Stopper App (free download) is also useful  

Follow this link to reserve your place using the password LONGEXPO