Portrait Workshop

Classroom- based workshops and field-based walk-abouts are offered to members with charges only made to recoup the fees of any external workshop leader and the expense of room rental.


Date: Sunday 19 May 2019                 Cost £20 per person

Proposed portrait workshop  led by photographer and model Graham Currey, who  runs what he calls ‘A G. Brodie Day’.

This involves a full day for up to ten photographers where Graham chooses three local locations and then appears as a model and instructor in three different character costumes, 

G. Brodie is Graham’s model name and he does many characters including Peaky Blinders, Gangster, 1940’s military, US 101st Airborne, Davy Crockett, Grapes of Wrath, Wyatt Earp, Victorian, French Resistance and many more. 

As much of this workshop would be outside, most images would be taken using natural light however Graham will bring some lights to use if the location suits it.

To reserve your place contact Jan