Online Competitions

We ran a series of informal, fun competitions during the Covid-19 pandemic to fill in the time before our 2020-21 Season begins in September. These competitions have demonstrated the breadth of our members’ interests and depth of their skills.

While ten individuals took up the twelve podium places, fittingly our three winners were also the highest scoring performers over the four competitions. Ron Sutton achieved the best average score of 3.3 points (from a maximum 5) with Jan Wilding and Ray Groome both gaining on average 3.2.

The ‘most admired’ image (with the highest number of ‘5’s for a single image) was Blue Water Cocktail by Debbie Hesketh, receiving 9 top scores.

Competition Number 4 (August)

The theme for this competition was landscape. Congratulations to Ray Groome for a comfortable win with Algarve coastline ahead of Owen Watkins with Towards Sunset in second place and Ron Sutton in third with Very, Very, Cold!

Full results are available on the competition page.

Competition Number 3 (July)

The theme for this competition was water. Congratulations to Ron Sutton for an emphatic win with Wet, Wet, Wet!, to Debbie Hesketh for a strong second place with Blue Water Cocktail and to Ian Atkinson who emerged as the ‘best of the rest’ in third place with The Downpour.

Full results are available on the competition page.

Competition Number 2 (June)

The theme for this competition was The Colour Red. Congratulations to Jan Wilding for the winning entry Sweet and Red, closely followed by John Hoyle with Splash in second place and Keith Fitzpatrick with Tulip in third.

Full results are available on the competition page.

competition Number 1 (May)

This was our first ever on-line competition, with an Open theme. Congratulations to Jan Wilding for the winning entry Exercising from Home, closely followed by Sue Champion with Elephant Love in second place. Third was Derek Meredith with Clematis.

Full results are available on the competition page.


These are fun competitions and we are not expecting you to make any judgement on the technical or aesthetic merits of the images. It’s all about deciding which images you like, which ones you would choose to hang on your wall.

All members are invited to score the competition entries whether they have submitted an entry or not. To validate your identity you must enter the email address recorded for you by the Membership Secretary. Scores which are not accompanied by a recognised email address will be discarded.

Award scores on a scale of 1 low -> 5 high. You may like to use the following as a guide:

5: fantastic image
4: impressive, wish I’d thought of that
3: nice, although I prefer others
2: it’s OK
1: doesn’t appeal to me

The platform we are using is basic, and there is nothing stopping you from giving a score to your own image. We assume that you will give it full marks so, in the interest of fairness, when we compile the results we will deduct 5 from the total score of each image. Please award your own image five points – even if you do not plan on scoring any other image. If you don’t you will be penalising yourself.

There is also nothing stopping you scoring the images more than once. If you do this only your final set of marks will count.


  • One image per member.
  • There is a single category (no A & B).
  • Each competition’s theme is given on the competition’s page.
  • Any entry can be monochrome or colour, unless this contravenes the theme of the given competition.
  • An image submitted to any of the online competitions can still be entered into an official CPS competition at a later date.
  • Normal sizing rules apply (maximum 1600 pixels wide, 1200 pixels high). Portrait orientation should be a maximum of 1200 pixels high.