Clone it out! A workshop for club members

If you regularly attend our competition nights you will no doubt have heard the immortal line “Clone it out” every time a judge spots something that offends their delicate eyes ! As is always the case with Photoshop there are many different ways to remove unwanted objects from an image be they small blemishes or larger objects that you couldn’t avoid in your composition. Obviously the Clone Stamp tool is one but there is also the Healing Brush, Spot Healing Brush (including Content Aware mode), Content Aware Fill, Content Aware Move tool and the Patch tool (in normal and Content Aware modes).

Which tools you have available will depend on which version of Photoshop or Elements you have but with the exception of the Patch tool which is currently confined to Photoshop, the others have been in Elements for several years, some for a great many years so everyone should have at least some of these tools to use.

Sue Champion and Keith Fitzpatrick will go through the use of all these tools on a variety of images but as always with our workshops, attendee participation is encouraged, the more we share the more we all learn! It is envisaged that the first half of the workshop to be demonstrations of the various tools and then the second half for everyone to practice their use either on the images we have used for demonstration or on images of your own. For this to work well attendees will need to bring your laptop with you. (If you are interested in attending but work on a desk top which is not portable then do let us know as we may be able to provide a laptop for you to practice on).

The Workshop is planned for Sunday, February 11th, our usual meeting place of the Church Hall Vicars Cross from 13:30 to 17:30. As always we need a reasonable number of attendees to make it worthwhile and keep the cost down to around £6, (the cost is just to cover the room hire) but there is a maximum number that can be comfortably accommodated in the room.

Please email Keith if you would like to attend copying Sue or Jan. Also please let us know what software you are using as that will allow us to better focus the workshop.

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