GB Cup 2021

Last weekend saw the judging of the Photographic Alliance of Great Britain GB Cup competition. This year all clubs were placed in the same category, so we were up against the “Big Boys”. In the OPEN Digital Competition Chester PS finished a very respectable 49th out of 120 clubs from across the British Isles. Images are traditionally chosen from the previous season’s competition entries as this event is usually held earlier in the year. Thanks go to authors Ian Atkinson, Sue Champion, Letizia Contini, Patricia Keegan, Ali Muspratt, Vicky Naudi, Ron Sutton, Rob Tarrant and Jan Wilding. The marks awarded are shown in red alongside the images below:

As there was a joint 1st place, it was necessary to do a count back (using the 13th image)resulting in Smethwick Photographic Society being the winners of the 2021 GB Cup.

The GB Cup for Nature is a much tougher affair, which is reflected by Chester finishing 92 /104 clubs. Not all clubs enter this section ,so it was great that Chester could put an entry together. Thanks go to authors Sue Champion, Patricia Keegan, Cyril Langman, Derek Meredith, Vicky Naudi, Ian Nixon, Ron Sutton and John Wild.

Again there was a joint 1st position requiring a count back where the 13th image was taken into consideration. Roll Royce Derby Photographic Society are the winners of the 2021 GB Cup for Nature.

Report by Sue Champion.

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