L&CPU Annual Individuals Competition May 8th & 9th 2021

Last weekend saw the opportunity for CPS members to enter their own DPI images into the L&CPU Annual Individual’s Competition. Unfortunately, due to the ongoing Covid restrictions this competition was for DPI entries only. There were two sections :-  Open Colour and Mono section and a Nature section. Up to 12 images could be entered into the Open section and up to 6 images in the Nature section. The judges this year were Leo Rich, Bill Hall and Mike Sharples. Four CPS members entered their images and a full round up of the results can be found on the L&CPU website :


The slideshows can be found here:

Open – https://www.lcpu-portal.org/launch/slideshow/SlideShow.php?ClassID=225&SetScore=12

Nature – https://www.lcpu-portal.org/launch/slideshow/SlideShow.php?ClassID=226&SetScore=12

Congratulations and thanks to Sue Champion, Patricia Keegan, Ian Nixon, and Jan Wilding for participating and keeping our name up there with all the other clubs in the Lancashire and Cheshire Photographic Union.

Best wishes


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